Goodbye (Manchester) Piccadilly! See you again in April…

The War GameOn Friday last I found myself sharing Terry Deary’s “The War Game” at The National Football Museum in central Manchester.

When I had initially contacted the museum I hadn’t thought about the notion of “national”.  Now I work in some pretty big libraries (Wembley, Swiss Cottage and Newcastle for example) but by comparison The National Football Museum is HUGE.  I’ll admit that the enormity of the occasion and a desire for my work to be appreciated almost got the better of me.

Despite my nerves I needn’t have worried.  I had a glorious day out and presented the story three times to three large, receptive audiences.  It was heartening to hear people singing along to war time songs like “Long Way to Tipperary” and to share the story of Clapton Orient (I’ll be sharing it here in April).  The best bit is that I’ll be going back to Manchester during the Easter Holidays*.

I definitely feel that this will put a spring in my step for the next five weeks as I take my repertoire of stories on the road, visiting Kent, Birmingham, Lancashire, Shropshire and for the first time, Wales.  First stop: Miss Trunchbull will be visiting East Sussex on Tuesday.

*I’ll actually be working in Salford, Wigan and Rochdale between now and Easter.