Where did September come from?

StickersThis morning I turned around and noticed that a new academic year had crept in whilst I was looking the other way.  Who saw that coming (again)?

Its been a slow start to the school year here at Kirk Towers.  The fact is that as the teachers and pupils find their feet the last thing they need is a storyteller.  Besides I am still recovering from an epic summer of non stop storytelling.  Saying this the snowball is beginning to gather momentum and I have bookings through until December.  As ever I am hoping that this snowball produces an avalanche!

It isn’t just schools finding their feet.  Many of the organisations I worked with over the summer are using the end of summer and beginning of autumn to take stock and reflect before cannonballing into Black History Month and plans for 2016.

In short, with not many people around and a lot of work awaiting the go ahead, I find that today I can relax a little but rest assured I’ll be in Ipswich next week as the show carries on.