What the little boy said next blew me away…

So I was approaching the end of a traditional tales session and about to tell The Billy Goats Gruff a group of Nursery and Reception children.  Now I have many props and hats that I use in my storytelling sessions but even though I’ve been telling it for years I don’t have any goat horns.  Instead I have a set of black devil horns (don’t ask).  I therefore like to play a guessing game as to the title of the story.  It’s not easy particularly when my horns are definitely more vamp than goat.

Me (to the children):  What group of three have horns that we could tell a story about?  Three Bears?  Three Pigs?  Three Blind Mice?

The children have a go even if they have no idea, making all kinds of suggestions but then a little boy puts his hand up and his answer blew me away.

Little boy: Cars.

I almost gave him a standing ovation.  It was another brilliant example of why I love telling stories to young people.  He’s clearly had the same experiences of buses as me!


You wait for ages and three come at once!