The War GameI am no longer licensed to tell the story mentioned here.

“”Christmas?  In a war Christmas Day is the same as any other day.”  But for once Charlie Embleton was wrong.”

Albert Watson and Charlie Embleton thought that Christmas Day would be the same as any other in the trenches, but in 1914 soldiers from two countries put down their guns and play one of the most amazing football games of all time.

This storytelling lasts 30 minutes and is suitable for 7+.

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Synopsis of the Story and Presentation

December 1914 and Europe is at war.  On Christmas Day the armies will lay down their weapons to play football in No Man’s Land.  Terry Deary’s take on one of the most famous events of The Great War, told through the eyes of Albert Watson and Charlie Embleton.  Presented in an assembly/conference style.


The War Game“… the children were enthralled and listened well to the fantastic presentation of the story.”

Literacy Coordinator, Gillibrand Primary School, Chorley (November 2014)

“The children were gripped by the storytelling and sang ‘Its a long way to Tipperary’ all the way back to school!”

Teacher, Holy Trinity Primary School, Tottenham (November 2014)