It was absolutely brilliant! Such a creative, inspiring and practical way of engaging the children. It is so evident how passionate John is about inspiring young minds and even us adults too!

John has captured the children’s prior understanding of the traditional tales told and then allowed them to feel part of the stories, deepening their listening and thinking skills. This story telling session (traditional tales) holds so many benefits for the children, from building confidence in taking part to inspiring the children’s imagination and writing skills. We thoroughly enjoyed John’s visit and would love to see him again! Thank you so much John!  Teacher, Chingford, 2018


A sensational performance delivered to nearly 400 children. They were engaged, enthralled and completely overwhelmed by the experience. They loved it!  Teacher, Clacton, 2018


Fantastic storytelling. The full works- actions, sound effects, funny hats and voices and real engagement with the children who were soon joining in eagerly and collapsing with giggles. If you want storytelling that really promotes books and reading as well as being fun, John is the best I’ve found for this.   Librarian, Wakefield, 2017


Having worked with John before I knew how captivating and inspiring he would be. This certainly was the case. The children were motivated and loved every second of the story telling. The way John involves all children, to keep them engaged is simply a gift!  Teacher, Cobham Primary School, Kent, 2017


Each performance engaged the children through the pace, props, child participation and ultimately John’s presence. Each session gave our staff the perfect building blocks into each story and left the children desperate to find out more based on what John had exposed them too. John’s understanding of how children learn was evident in how he planned each session.  Teacher, Dordon Primary School, Tamworth, 2017


I must say that I haven’t experienced so much spontaneous feedback from staff and pupils for any other storytelling visit. You made such a fantastic impact on adults and children alike!  Teacher, Kings Mill School, Driffield, 2016


It is always a bit unnerving when you hire someone as you never know whether they are any good but you were brilliant. Staff said how engaging you were and they were amazed at how you kept the children with you the whole time.  Many staff went out of their way to find me to tell me that and that they would recommend you and wanted to invite you back again.  Teacher, Gusford Community Primary School, Ipswich, 2015


You capture the children’s imagination and were able to keep them totally engaged for the whole session with a quality performance that focused on the skills of storytelling.  Teacher, St Bernadettes Primary School, Bristol, 2015


From the very beginning John had the children captivated and fully engaged. The children enjoyed every minute of the day and they were truly inspired by the story telling.  Teacher, Courthill Infant School, Bournemouth, 2015


The staff said you were the best story teller they had ever experienced.  Teacher, Sauncey Wood Primary School, Harpenden, 2014

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