The Elephant’s Child and other Just So Stories

Elephant's ChildNo longer available.

I am pleased to present The Elephant’s Child and Other Stories.  25-30 minutes of exceedingly good stories for 4+ from the other Mr Kipling.

The Elephant’s Child was full of satiable curiosity and wanted to know about all sorts of things – How the Camel got his hump?  How the Rhinoceros got his skin? – but to discover what the Crocodile eats for dinner he will have to go to the banks of the great grey, green greasy Limpopo River and find out.

Suitable for schools, museums and libraries for festivals and events as well as literacy and fun days.

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Synopsis of the Story and Presentation

The Elephant’s Child is always spanked for his curiosity until one day he sets out to discover how the Camel got his Hump and the Rhinoceros got his skin.  The Kolokolo Bird tells him the story of the idle Camel and the rude Rhinoceros before The Elephant’s Child visits the Crocodile by the banks of the Limpopo River and we learn how the Elephant got his trunk.   Presented in an assembly/conference style.


The Elephants Child“An imaginative and creative way to bring the ‘Just So Stories’ to life for younger children.”  Teacher, Wychwood Primary School, March 2015

“We had a great time and our little ones were enthralled.”  Parent, Ebb & Flo Bookshop, Chorley, March 2015