Tom Palmer’s “The Last Try”

LAST TRY HULLI am no longer licensed to tell the story mentioned here.

It is my pleasure to present Tom Palmer’s “The Last Try”.

It is summer 1914, and for Jack Harrison the future was looking bright.  Engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Lilian, enjoying his career as a teacher and playing rugby for Hull FC.  But war was looming on the horizon, and events in Hull and Belgium would change Jack’s life forever.

Jack Harrison is a young man with the world at his feet; a good job with prospects, a loving family and a contract to play rugby with Hull FC.  The world changes for Jack when war breaks out and the Germans bomb Hull.  He takes the decision to join the army (even though as a teacher he doesn’t have to go).  He is soon at the front and as in the rest of his life, the leader of men.  Jack is awarded a medal for going into No Man’s Land to capture a German soldier and is eventually killed disabling a German machine gun.

Suitable for children 7+.  Please note this story is about The Great War and contains references to death that some children may find harrowing.

LAST TRY STH2Testimonials

John Kirk’s ability to bring the story to life was really impressive, he was animated and engaging as well as sensitive to the more serious aspects of the story.

Teacher (St Marys School) Hull, Feb 2016