Jeremy Strong’s “The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog”

I am no longer licensed to tell the story mentioned here.

I am pleased to present Jeremy Strong’s “The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog”.

Streaker is a mixed up kind of dog.  She’s got a lot of greyhound blood in her, along with quite a bit of Ferrari and a large chunk of whirlwind.  Trevor has until the end of the holidays to train her or he’ll lose his bet with Charlie Smugg and he wouldn’t want to do that!

This presentation is suitable for children and families age 6+.

“The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog” is presented with the kind permission of David Higham Associates in schools, public libraries and at literature festivals.

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One Easter Trevor’s Mum convinces Trevor to walk Streaker, the family dog, everyday in return for £30.00.  Streaker is pandemonium with a tail and when Trevor and his best friend Tina make a bet with arch pain Charlie Smugg the stakes couldn’t be higher.  Unless they can train the one hundred mile an hour dog they’ll have to take a bath in a rusty tub full of frog spawn!  Trevor has all kinds of wacky ideas about dog training from roller skates to dog exercise machines but will he avoid being sent to prison by the local Police as he tries them out?  One things certain in this silly story, Trevor’s in for the craziest holiday you can imagine.