How I work…

The following information is provided to help teachers and schools decide whether or not to book a storytelling visit.  For more information about how I work with libraries, museums and at events and festivals contact me.


My storytelling sessions

A storytelling session can last 20-60 minutes and is made up of either one story or a series of stories.  The content of the storytelling session will be agreed prior to my visit based on my repertoire of stories.

In schools  I offer two types of storytelling session; presentations and workshops.  In a storytelling presentation the participants are seated conference style, typically in either a classroom or hall.  In a storytelling workshop the audience are much more actively involved, participating in drama, storytelling and roleplay activities.  Storytelling workshops work better with smaller groups typically in a large classrooms or halls.


The structure of my school visits

I typically offer the following formats when working with Primary Schools..

Storytelling assemblies for schools.  I will visit your school for a 45-60 minute assembly.  I can work with 30 to 300+ children as required.

Half day storytelling to schools.  I will visit your school for the morning or afternoon.  A half day is typically made up of either 3 larger presentations lasting 30-60 minutes or 4 smaller presentations/workshops lasting 30-60 minutes.

Full day storytelling to schools.  A full day is made up of either 4 larger presentations lasting 30-60 minutes or 5 smaller presentations/workshops lasting 30-60 minutes.

If your requirements don’t fit these formats information about my bespoke work can be viewed here.

What to expect..

The admin

For every booking I send out four e-mails:

  1. A response to your initials enquiry proposing the content, my availability and the cost.
  2. A booking confirmation.  I don’t ask you to fill in a booking form.  Instead I send a message confirming that I have put the date into my diary and I am preparing to visit you.
  3. I’ll confirm arrangements via e-mail a week before my visit.
  4. I’ll send my invoice and evaluation form after the visit.  I’d appreciate if these were processed within 30 days.


The delivery

I am a performance storyteller.  This means I have a dynamic and enjoyable style of presentation. I use my face and body to tell stories and like my audience to participate as much as possible.  Some people describe my work as being a bit like a one man show.

I love telling stories to young people.  I believe that I bring stories to life in fresh and imaginative ways and that in doing so …

I introduce children to new stories.

I get children excited about stories.

I encourage listening and participation.

I boost confidence and attainment.

I inspire children to read and to create their own stories.

I look forward to developing the right storytelling experience for you.  For more information or to make a booking contact me.

Photographs of my work can be viewed here.

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