This is never an easy question to answer as my charges vary according to what is being delivered but you can expect to pay between £60.00 and £380.00

The following is a guide to my pricing for schools.  Other organisations should contact me about charges.

Primary schools in London and the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex).

  • Half day in a school – £250.00 including travel expenses*
  • Full day in a school – £350.00 including travel expenses*

Outside London and the South East

  • As above but additional travel and accommodation expenses may apply*

*Guideline prices take account of the train fare from Lewes to London. If I can reduce my travel expenses (driving to you, cheap rail tickets, visiting two organisations on the same day, working in the Brighton and Sussex area etc) I’ll pass any savings onto you.  When booking The Twits or The Enormous Crocodile a further licencing cost is applicable.

I appreciate that for many organisations money is very tight.  I am committed to offering reduced rates to small schools, private groups or charities wherever possible.

At present I don’t ask for deposits.  In the event of cancellation I ask that any expenses that might have been paid for travel or accommodation are covered.  If you cancel at under a week’s notice I ask that you pay 50% of the quoted price plus any agreed expenses.   In the event that I can’t attend as agreed I will try to arrange for an associate to cover the date or offer you a new date.  Please note that this isn’t always possible.

For more information or to make a booking contact me.

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