Nigel Auchterlounie’s “Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief”

I am no longer licensed to tell the story mentioned here.

I am pleased to present Nigel Auchterlounie’s “Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief”

Dennis the Menace seems to have lost his awesomeness.  When Gran tells him about the Pirate Cringebeard’s Golden Peashooter of Everlasting Fun, Dennis, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx set out to complete the challenges of The Chamber of Mischief to stop Beanotown becoming boring.  Can they prove themselves worthy the pea shooter or will arch enemy Walter beat them to the prize?

This epic interactive adventure is presented in primary schools and public libraries with the kind permission of Bonnier Publishing.  Presentations are 45-50 minutes and suitable for familes with children 6+.

Useful links:

A short video introducing John Kirk – Storyteller (52 seconds)