Band of Brothers: Stories of The Great War (World War One)

To commemorate 100 years since the end of The Great War (World War One) I am pleased to present Band of Brothers: Stories of The Great War.

A hundred years ago a generation of young men went to fight a war to end all wars, some would never return home.  Through songs, poetry and posters of the time we explore the Great War, how it began, who fought it and who won through the lives of three young men (John Kipling, Jack Cornwell and Herbert Burden).

This 45-60 minute edutainment presentation deals with stories of war and death and is suitable for school and library audiences age 9+.

Please note that I use a Power Point presentation in this session and will therefore require at least a screen and projector.

I thought you dealt with the subject very sensitively and it was very moving. – Librarian, Conwy Libraries

Superb, thought-provoking but entertaining day which made our children engage with the theme of remembrance in an age appropriate way. John’s pitching and content was superb. John conveyed the challenging theme of World War 1 with skill, challenging our pupils to engage emotionally with the story of the young boys who were too young to enlist, whilst also adding scenes of humour. – Balderstone Primary School

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